Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sara from Hotlanta!

Sooo to give the intro...I'm originally from Georgia but have made Chicago my home for the past 7 years (and possibly forever but shh, don't tell my parents!). I love, love, love eating and cooking as well. Simple recipes that taste delish are my favorite although I'll occasionally tackle something more complicated. One look at a recipe that has 10+ ingredients and chances are I will quickly be turning the page. That said, I don't mind making food that takes awhile. There's nothing like some good music, a glass of wine, and a bunch of chopping to relax a girl. I love my crock pot and got a food processor last christmas that I have yet to use but am looking forward to making lots of yummy soups this winter.

Favorite Foods: Anything Mexican although moreso for the cheese, sour cream, guacamole element than the spicy. I love mashed potatoes, mac and cheese (all kinds of comfort/southern style food), casseroles, asian food, greek food, italian food, ok pretty much all types of food. I'm always looking for good meat marinades and with it being summer, good pasta salad recipes. I don't like any orange vegetables - sweet potatoes, carrots, peppers (or any color pepper for that matter)...blech. Other than that I'm not too picky although I think someone on this blog has a husband who might beg to differ (Joe:). I love pretty much all veggies aside from the aforementioned orange ones. Not a huge fan of fruit unless it's floating in a glass of sangria. I've had a love affair with chocolate for many years.

Talking and reading about food is one of my favorite things to do besides eating and making it so I'm very excited to be part of this blog (my first!). Looking forward to getting lots of new ideas and sharing mine with ya'll!


Amanda said...

Love the food related picture Sara! I so agree about the 10 + ingredients and the good pasta salad recipes. My mom never really made pasta salad, so I have no arsenal or basis to go off of.

camby said...

Sara forgot to mention that she loves loves loves dark meat chicken and the filling inside cream cheese wontons. ;-)

srickles21 said...

amanda, i found a good chicken and dill pasta salad recipe that i'll have to post.

alright kaltsas, i might be a little particular;)