Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Ms. Amanda if you're nasty

Well, I really like to cook and I love (LOVE) to bake. I'm always looking for recipes with a minimal amount of ingredients, and is a possibility for leftovers. My husband likes meat with every meal, which is a struggle for me because I'd gladly skip it a few nights a week. I also struggle with managing my meals and ingredients each week, so I get a bit overwhelmed.

Favorite foods: bread, pasta, chocolate, salads with vinaigrette, citrus fruits, garlic, Italian food, hearty soups, strawberries, hummus, guacamole, roast chicken, pumpkin related things, Mexican food, macaroni, & cheese, grilled cheese, cheese, cheese, and did I mention bread?

Hmm, what else? I live in Des Moines with said meat-eating hubby. I write & edit for a living. Love reading, music, art, decorating my house, being outside, traveling and of course, cooking!

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